Videos of Paedarchy Puppets’ Shows

The Owl and the Orange Show – 2011

The Mania of Bonaparte: A One-Sided Epistolary Romance – 2011 

Anthem – 2008

The Fisherman of Janitzio – Dia de los Muertos show #2 (Rehearsal) – October 2010

Binary Love



June 2008 at AvantGarden

Day of the Dead Show #1: The Girl Who was Struck by Lightening – Lawndale Art Center 2009

Abraham Cephalopod Presents: Silence (A Puppet Show) – Summer workshop shop #1 2009

Three Day Summer Workshop Show – #2 – Summer 2010

Meatman – Spring 2008

Zamzummim the Giant


Backyard rehearsal for The Fisherman of Janitzio

Prepping the Amimitl

Lighting the graveyard


In order:

  • Pre-Lawndale Dia de los Muertos performance
  • Day of the dead alter/Shadow screen
  • Dragon wing test
  • Mealworms on an overhead test
  • Eva’s parents mounted on hiking backpacks
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